warehouse Administrator : Tsebo
  • Durban : Kwazulu Natal
  • Tsebo
Job Description

Job Description

  • Management of stock holding and the administration of stock movement.
  • Maintaining Stock control procedures and monitor the coming and going of goods and handle stock records within a warehouse environment.
  • Ordering of stock and manage the capture of data onto the stock management system.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Capture and follow up of all orders placed on MyMarket
  •  Capture supplier invoices on AX and ensure all invoices are accounted for
  • Ensure that correct quantity has been received by comparing received goods with information on the purchase order
  • Identify any damaged or missing goods and record pertinent information
  • Make sure that all goods are labelled accurately, using appropriate lot and item numbers
  • Allocate storage space for items based on their types and sizes
  • Creating all picking slips and delivery notes
  • Oversee the picking out of ordered goods and ensure that they are in good condition
  • Isolate and report any broken or damaged goods at the time of order picking
  • Ensure that information of picked goods is recorded in logs
  • Ensure that delivery forms are signed only upon satisfaction of completed order
  • Ensure quality control of goods coming in and going out of the warehouse
  • Control the dispatching of all warehouse goods, ensuring all items are signed and accounted for.

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