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Operating Division : Transnet Engineering

Position Title : FTC Specialist: Compliance x 10 ( Fixed term)

Employee Group : Non Permanent

Department : Supply Chain

Location : Kilner Park

Reporting To : Head: Governance & Compliance

Grade Level : F

Reference Number : 3001917

Position Purpose:

To ensure compliance to TE’s risk & Control frameworks and enable the Division’s SCM to meet its objectives and
obligations in a way that does not expose the organisation to adverse risks.

Entrench a standardised risk management framework based on the control self assessment (CSA) methodology.

Disseminate information and conduct training on risk & control frameworks to Supply Management stakeholders and end

users as required.

Position outputs:

Supply Chain Compliance & Risk Framework Alignment

  • Assist in developing controls to address adherence to relevant legislation, management of identified risks and ensure that
Supply Chain Management controls such as Business Critical Controls ( BCC’s ) operate effectively
  • Assist to develop, maintain, and update compliance related frameworks, processes and procedures for implementation
across the Division’s Supply Chain Management

Maintain a comprehensive compliance manual that addresses compliance risks to which TE SCM is exposed, objectives and

aspects of applicable compliance laws, rules, and standards

  • Efficient monitoring of business-critical controls, by reviewing risks and ensuring that process owners mitigate process risks
Manage key Stakeholder relationships
  • Communicate the objectives of compliance and risk management frameworks to internal and external and external SCM
  • Assist and advise on the development of training and awareness material and conduct training on compliance and risk
management framework to SCM stakeholders and end users as required
  • Disseminate relevant compliance laws rules and standard information throughout SCM
  • Embed the risk awareness culture with TE SCM
  • Coordinate interfaces and assist with stakeholder management for regulatory and supervisory bodies as appropriate in
conjunction with TE’s compliance
Provide Compliance and risk management support in Supply Chain
  • Monitor the Division’s compliance to Transnet’s supply chain policy, governance, compliance, and risk management
  • Assist in providing training to promote compliance to SCM processes and reduce audit findings
  • Support in management of Enterprise Risk Management in SCM by ensuring that SCM manages risks related to the
achievement of business objectives
  • Identifying, analysing, evaluating, and reviewing TE’s SCM business risks, assessing their impact and probability, assigning
risk owners and defining treatment actions to address the risks and monitoring implementation progress
  • Updating TE’s SCM risk register, disseminate a log of supply chain to relevant functions and report on these
  • Provide formal & informal support on compliance and risk management to SCM throughout the Division to embed controls
to roles and responsibilities to their daily activities
  • Coordinate with Supply Chain Management to ensure that established processes comply with applicable legislation
  • Evaluate supplier performance management practices to minimise risks
  • Research and advise SCM of changes to be implemented relating to compliance laws, rules and standards as well as
international developments in compliance and the applicability thereof in terms of requirements set for leading practices,

impacting on the SCM function

  • Assist and advise on the development of compliance practices, policies and systems that address compliance laws, rules
and standards, as well as the integration thereof into SCM operational procedure manuals
  • Liaise Liaise with internal and external audits and monitor BCC’s CSA compliance
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To monitor internal controls and ensure operational effectiveness of financial as well as operational controls within Supply


  • Regularly conduct compliance audits, LVT/HVT support on all relevant procurement transactions or contracts, as a second
line of defence.
  • Assist in providing Governance reviews, where required to do so.
  • Analyse audit reports, resolve, and mitigate findings across SCM
  • Enhancement of controls and re-engineering of processes
  • Assist corporate governance and Transnet Internal Audit (TIA) with all the necessary information required in forensic
  • Input into reporting as well as formulation of performance indicators and metrics
Compliance and Risk Monitoring and reporting
  • Adherence to reporting templates and timelines and ensure that all reporting requirements are met
  • Collate and consolidate regular reports on compliance and risks for the Division’s SCM
  • Analyse and report on performance pertaining to SCM compliance and risk management with the Division’s structures
  • Highlight achievement of compliance and risk mitigation targets on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Qualifications & Experience:

1.Minimum National Diploma in Legal / LLB / Auditing / Compliance Management.

2.At least 4 year's experience in Compliance or risk management or Auditing related work within Supply Chain Management
preferably with 1 year Supervisory experience


1. Strategy & Sustainability
Strategic Thinking - Formulates strategies and business plans to achieve the overall organisations direction
Commercial awareness - Keeps abreast of internal and external factors that can impact the business
Innovating - Generates new ideas or solutions by thinking "outside of the box"; reviews current processes or systems and
identifies ways to optimise them
2. Inspirational Leadership
Inspiring People - Leads by example. Inspires, motivates and empowers team members to do their best.
Managing Talent - Provides clear direction and sets performance standards/requirements for the team.
Leading Change - Leads and directs change initiatives.
Embracing Diversity - Leads and promotes equal opportunity and has an appreciation for diversity in the workplace.
3. Business Performance and Delivery
Lead Business Performance - Leads the business to be more efficient and effective
Strategic Decision Making - Is decisive and takes full accountability for decisions.
Business Acumen - Understands and deal with various business situation using obtained knowledge and a broad spectrum
of expertise.
Analysing - Thinks in a systemic way but is open to new approaches.
4. Relationship Management
Communicating Effectively - Communicates the business strategy and objectives in a clear and manner.
Collaborating and Networking - Build wide and effective relationships with people inside and outside of the organisation to
help achieve the organisations goals and objectives.
Service Orientated - Leads by example; strives for a customer centric culture where everyone acts with the customer in
Persuading and Influencing - Is able to persuade and influence those around him/her for the benefit of achieving the
organisations/department goals and objectives. Identifies and influences key decision makers using strong persuasive
techniques and creates a strong personal impression that leads to buy in from others.
5. Corporate Governance & Compliance
Leading Governance - Always work in the best interest of the organisation and aligns business practices to the ethical
obligations and good corporate governance.
Leading Safety Practice - Leads safety practices by communicating, enforcing and supporting all safety standards and
Leading Risk Management - Identifies areas of risks and implements corrective actions to mitigate the impact of risks to
ensure overall sustainability.
6 . Personal Mastery
Learning and Applying Expertise - Dedicated to continuous learning and self-improvement.
Resilience - Manages pressure effectively and copes well with criticism and setbacks.
Emotional Intelligence - Is aware of own leadership styles and is able to adapt style to enhance team and business
Vigour & Personal Drive - Accepts and tackles demanding goals with enthusiasm. Works hard and shows energy and
persistence to achieve high quality results. Is a role model for others who strive for personal excellence

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