• Kempton Park : Gauteng
Job Description
Job Description
  • A role has become available for a Seed Packer in our Warehouse based in Kempton Park. The purpose of this role is to ensure that seed received at the Work Station is cleaned and/or packed down in line with company policies and procedures and that cleaned and packed seed is presented for final packing and/or check weighing.


Duties and Responsibilities

• Complete relevant areas on Job Card before each seed lot is processed/packed down.

• Receive seed lots for processing, packing and/or check weighing at the relevant workstations.

• Check/verify quantities, kinds, varieties, and lot numbers of seed received for processing, packing and/or weighing against the information contained on the relevant job card.

• Place processed/treated seed into applicable packaging according to prescribed procedures by hand or by means of operating the relevant equipment.

• Accurately weigh / check-weigh containers according to prescribed procedures.

• Close and label containers of processed/treated seed according to prescribed procedures.

• Stack/pack containers with processed/treated seed according to prescribed procedures.

• Sign off each area of responsibility on the Job Card after having completed every step relevant to seed cleaning, treating, packing, weighing, closing, labeling and stacking.

• Assist with the sealing (when applicable) of processed/treated seed lots according to prescribed procedures, once quality results are known.

• Complete relevant fields on the Job Card / Checklists before each seed lot is cleaned, treated / or packed down.

• Ensure that all procedures as per checklists are followed accurately.

• Thoroughly clean all equipment before and after each operation, ensuring no traces or residue of seed lots previously worked/packed.

• Present documentation (Job Card) to Manager / Supervisor for final reconciliation, approval and signing off.

• In conjunction with Manager / Supervisor, Ensure calibration and settings of all machines and equipment.

• Ensure that all markings, coding and labeling on packed seed are accurate and in line with quality specifications.



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