Medical Admin Supervisor - Without UBM
  • Northern Suburbs, Western Cape
  • Northern Suburbs, Western Cape
Job Description

The purpose of this role is to ensure the coordination and supervision of all Admin, Clinical/functional and HR related functions where applicable. To manage day operations within the scope of occupation

To manage, train and up skill all Admin staff and maintain the facility where and when needed.

Interpersonal factor

  • As a professional all services delivered needs to be in line with the Cancercare values, of CARE. Each task needs to be consistently executed whilst at all times displaying a positive influence on all stakeholders and within the general working environment. It is expected from the employee to deliver all tasks reflecting a willingness to operate outside the scope of the job description as per operational requirements. The factors below cannot therefore be reviewed in isolation.
  • To display the company values: C - Compassion, A - Accountability, R – Respect, E – Ethics (CARE)

Orientation, training and up skilling of all Admin staff

  • To take full responsibility for the orientation of staff in the department. To take full responsibility for the training and mentoring of staff in the department
  • Ensure all team members are orientated and familiarised with the department and unit requirement.
  • Ensure all team member are up to speed with daily developments as per standard requirements.

Developing and measuring staff competencies.

  • To ensure that all staff are able to function optimally with regards to competencies set for the department
  • Ensure all new employees are assessed monthly according to their required competencies

Quality control of processes and procedures in the departments

  • Accountable for managing QA/QC processes and procedures in the department
  • Ensuring that staff adhere to SOP’s and time managed accordingly to cope with workload.


Identifying Staffing needs (New and Locums) and escalating to Management

  • To asses staffing needs in department and to give feedback to Management re the addressing of these needs
  • Assess the risk associated with gaps in the department

Recruitment and Selection

  • To assist HR with the screening process of new Staff
  • Partake in the Interview process
  • Ensure the necessary input is given to not only ensure competence, but as well as department culture fit.

Coordinating time and attendance leave processes

  • Accountable for all leave transactions in the department
  • Ensure that all staff has adequate leave prior to approving and that the department needs are met.
  • Ensuring staff leave is managed in an equitable manner
  • Ensure that leave is managed in a fair and consistent manner, whilst identifying absenteeism patterns in the department.
  • Ensure all leave transactions are submitted correctly and timeously.


  • Conduct and coordinate performance reviews
  • Feedback to staff members
  • Ensure the process is communicated and managed within the required scope.
  • Ensure constructive feedback is given where required, as well as identify shortcomings and training needs

Industrial Relations

  • Identify poor work performance and patterns in behaviour
  • Escalate any behavioural and misconduct issues to Management.
  • Address issues where appropriate
  • Initiate and identify poor work performance and change in behavioural patterns
  • Address any concerns with staff member and escalate where applicable.

Mediator between staff and all stakeholders

  • Coordinate and manage communication between management and staff
  • Coordinate and manage communication between departments.
  • Ensure both parties are informed with all the information where applicable to make an informed decision
  • Acts as the mediator to ensure smooth workflow multidisciplinary groups

Financial management (Unit Specific)

  • Sign off of all journals and Pro-deo’s in line with DOA and submit to Debtors department for processing.
  • Handover of outstanding accounts when necessary.
  • To ensure that all billing errors and pro-deo’s are managed and kept to minimum.

Management of Petty Cash (Unit Specific)

  • Co-sign and check all petty cash slips monthly.
  • Ensuring minimal expenditure on unit level

Supplier Invoices (Unit Specific)

  • Signing off of al supplier invoices in line with DOA and ensuring co-signature where applicable.
  • Manage/Coordinate the courier service, internal and external.
  • Processing all supplier invoices to the Creditors Department for payment.

Unit stats (Unit Specific)

  • Capture the unit stats monthly and submit to Finance as well as upload to Carenet.
  • Accurate capturing of all patients seen in the unit, treated in the unit and offsite clinics.

Coordinating meetings (Unit Specific)

  • Coordinating of all monthly meetings incl. Shareholders meetings, Staff meetings and Admin meetings.
  • Taking and transcribing minutes where necessary.
  • Accurate planning of all monthly meetings and informing all stakeholders.
  • Timeous distribution of minutes where applicable.

Upkeep of Call Roster (Unit Specific)

  • Ensure that the call Roster is always updated and distributed to all Stakeholders.
  • Ensure smooth flow of Drs on call and updated Stakeholders internal and external.

Facility Management

  • Ensure that the facility is neat and everything is in working order ie, lights, electric gates, switches.
  • Ensuring that the facility is presentable at all times.


  • Obtaining quotes in line with SOP to replace PC’s, Dictaphones, etc. and buying smaller items like groceries and bulbs.
  • Ensuring that all assets are procured in line with the DOA and asset register updated accordingly.

Required minimum education:

Matric + Diploma in Management Assistance or Secretarial Certificate

Required minimum experience:

5 Years working in a Medical Reception and supervisory position

Required minimum work-related experience:

5 Years working in Medical reception and supervisory position

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