Marketing Manager
  • South Africa
  • Majid Al Futtaim
Job Description

Senior Marketing Manager

The key purpose of the role of Marketing Manager, is to operationalize the defined Marketing & Communications strategy, integrating the marketing efforts for assigned brands in order to expand brand footprint, differentiate MAF Lifestyle and brand reputation, nurture client relationships and create opportunities to drive revenue and growth.

Operational Excellence:

  • Responsible for the creation, development and execution of marketing plans and initiatives, through a well-defined annual Marketing calendar, for the assigned brands in line with overall brand Marketing & Communications strategy.
  • Create synergy between the various channels of communication, reaching the brand message to the customer through the most effective and efficient medium.
  • Implement in-store campaigns to support Operations and ensure smooth roll out of the same.
  • Build advertising and promotional plans to drive traffic and sales (Offline and online).
  • Monitor performance of various marketing initiatives with the agility to withdraw, redirect, extend efforts based on impact and customer feedback.
  • Develop and nurture relationships with the community and wider public in order to explore new collaborations, revenue streams and partnership opportunities where relevant (E.g. LuluLemon).
  • Develop regional brand campaigns together with the content team for local implementation.
  • Constantly draw on analytics and data to interpret and understand trends and shifts and report the same to relevant stakeholders for appropriate action.
  • Build strong relationships with internal marketing teams and external vendors where relevant, to ensure productive outcome of collaborative work.
  • Represent MAF Lifestyle in Holding driven Marketing initiatives.
  • Work with and nurture the relationship with brand principal/s on marketing strategy and plans

Financials and Standards:

  • Plan and manage marketing budgets for assigned brands to ensure optimal utilization in line with overall Marketing budget.
  • Prepare the brand support budget including but not limited to travel, media placement, point-of-purchase collateral, website and photo shoots.
  • Collect, collate and analyse consumer insights to ascertain the precise impact of marketing messages and promotions across touchpoints and the impact on sales.
  • Measure and improve return on investment (ROI) of marketing efforts.
  • Ensure all integrated marketing efforts are in compliance with brand standards and Majid Al Futtaim communication strategy.
  • Contribute and support the business in achieving the Dare Today, Change Tomorrow sustainability strategy.


  • Represent brand values, ensuring an understanding within the marketing team and store operations teams.
  • Keen understanding of customer profile, perspectives, needs and reactions to ensure relevant marketing communication and messaging.
  • Cultivate professional and cordial relationships with cross functional teams to streamline diverse efforts to achieve a common purpose.
  • Support in promoting sustainability initiatives to transform the lives of the community and contribute to the net positive impact, and health and wellness.


  • Brand Awareness
  • Budget Management
  • Store traffic
  • Marketing plans implementation
  • ROI on Marketing spend
  • Sustainability Initiatives

Functional and Technical Competencies:

  • Keen understanding of traditional and emerging market channels
  • Budget management skills and proficiency
  • Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges
  • Knowledge of latest marketing technologies and methodologies

Leadership Competencies:

  • Leads the Way – Understand market trends and impact of value drivers directly affecting areas of responsibility (sector, function, geography). Ensures right resources are mobilized to ensure delivery. Prioritizes and allocates work among team members in a clear and structured manner. Create balanced roadmaps and ensures regular alignment with superiors, peers and subordinates. Consistently meets challenging situations head-on.
  • Drives Impact – Makes informed decisions for the team. Proactively identifies and seeks information, data and expertise required for key decisions. Understands the main risks associated with the job and aligns team on understanding. Identifies critical paths, convenes right stakeholders for timely decisions. Makes hard decisions and knows when to “make the call” versus delegating upwards.
  • Thinks Customer – Highly customer centric with a good understanding of customer segments and helps team to understand them. Works with team to go beyond customer expectations. Encourages team to adopt a “customer first” mindset. Proactively invests regular and significant time in building relationships.
  • Thinks Group – Identifies and pursues opportunities with potential and benefit for the group. Actively promoted collaboration with other teams across departments and businesses. Leads establishing team targets to ensure they are ambitious and measurable. Raises the bar of performance. Proactively addresses issues and finds resolution. Active listener, communicates effectively and celebrates achievements.
  • Develops Talent – Delegates responsibilities, reviews outcome and gives detailed, actionable and constructive feedback. Invests time and effort to coach team for their development. Is able to have difficult conversations with colleagues and subordinates while maintaining calm.
  • Fosters Innovation – Regularly discusses new ideas focusing on potential rather than limitation. Actively pushes team to identify best practices and generate new ideas. Leads team in assessing new ideas and determine feasibility and expected impact. Assesses long term potential of ideas, collects and analyses data and outcome.


  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management or equivalent


  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in a Marketing Management role
  • Working knowledge in Public Relations, Media and Digital marketing

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