Industrial Maintenance Technician 2nd or 3rd Shift
  • Canton Vehicle Assembly
  • Nissan Motor
Job Description

The successful candidate will provide support to the vehicle manufacturing operation by maintaining, repairing, and improving the equipment used to produce high quality vehicles in our manufacturing facility.

This position will work collaboratively with the manufacturing technicians and operational leadership to drive continuous improvement and efficiency.

Responsibilities Include :

  • Understand and follow all safety procedures (lockout, fall protection, hot work, NFPE 70e, etc.)
  • Corrective, preventative, proactive, and predictive maintenance
  • Electrical, mechanical, pneumatic troubleshooting and repair
  • Identify and analyze root cause of equipment malfunctions and failures
  • Implementation of electrical and mechanical design changes
  • Execute assigned work orders and documentation while adhering to a quality of craftsmanship mindset

Minimum Qualifications :

High School Diploma or GED

2) years of industrial maintenance experience and / or a two-year technical degree / certification required.

  • Demonstrate problem solving and analytical skills
  • Must possess the knowledge and ability to demonstrate one of the following :
  • Interpretation and troubleshooting of electrical and motor controls circuits (24vdc, 120vac, 480vac).
  • PLC troubleshooting and basic programming
  • Robot path and logic programming, troubleshooting and repair
  • Metal fabrication, mechanical assembly and building skills (layout, cutting, welding, finishing, etc.)
  • Basic machine shop skills (use of micrometers, indicators, hand work (grinding / polishing / spotting), machine tool operation (lathe / mill), etc.)
  • Advanced mechanical knowledge of conveyors, rollers, fabrication, and welding


People are our most valuable assets, and diversity and inclusion are the key to maximizing the power of each individual member of our team.

When everyone belongs, the power of NISSAN is undeniable. Our Corporate Diversity Initiative aims to improve business results by ensuring that our workplace and core businesses meet the unique needs of our employees and customer base.

Nissan is committed to creating a culture where everyone belongs and employees, customers, and partners feel respected, valued, and heard.

We have over 10 Business Synergy Teams (BSTs) across the U.S. and Canada that connect employees with shared characteristics or interests build allies, and foster a company culture where all employees feel supported and included.

Nissan also values inclusion in all areas of our business as we strive to mirror the diversity of our customer base and the communities where we do business.

We are committed to procuring innovative goods and services, retailing our products and communicating from a diverse perspective which will help us continue to offer our customers competitively designed, market-driven products.

Join us as we carry our commitment to diversity and inclusion into the future.

Canton Mississippi United States of America

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