Compliance and Investigations Manager/Specialist
  • Pretoria, Gauteng
  • Ellahi Consulting
Job Description

Location: Menlyn, Pretoria

Salary: Negotiable

Purpose of the role: The purpose of the role is to manage risks, governance, and compliance within the general Regulatory and Governance Compliance Framework which the Company needs to comply with. In addition ,the encumbent is required to ensure alignment and uniform rollout and implementation of programmes throughout the business to conduct investigations, within the specified time lines, into various security incidents and a broad range of allegations of misconduct in order to advise direct best actions and corrective measures. The investigations include, but are not limited to, the following types of criminal behaviour, labour related actions, general misconduct and ethics line matters:

  • Fraud, corruption and failure to comply with the company’s Code of Conduct
  • Failure to implement company procedures and policies
  • Asset losses (negligence, theft etc.)
  • Unethical conduct in general
  • Security breaches
  • Acts and/or omissions that bring the organisation into disrepute

Academic qualifications required

  • Relevant degree such as BCom Commerce / Law
  • National Diploma in Criminal Justice & Forensic Investigations or Policing.
  • Admitted attorney
  • Certified Fraud examiner (or membership of the Association)
  • Driver’s License

Work experience

  • 2-5 years relevant experience in risk, corporate governance; compliance and reporting.
  • Forensic auditor & investigations background
  • Liaising with Senior management
  • Security / asset protection background
  • Extensive investigations background

Knowledge and Skills

  • Understanding governance and compliance frameworks with concomitant policies and procedures
  • Ethical and legal requirements relating to collection and presentation of evidence for internal and external purposes
  • Operational planning and applied project management principles
  • Strong ability to interpret numerical information
  • Ability to effectively chart information visually
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills (EQ)
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Computer, technology and systems
  • Proven track record of reporting and analysis
  • Good knowledge investigation methods, forensic principles and procedures
  • Solid understanding of related legislationthe Civil and Criminal Procedures Act (1977)

The SA Companies Act (2008)
The Protected Disclosures Act (2000)
Prevention of Organised Crime Act (1998)
Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt
Activities Act (2004)
The Protection Of Personal Information Act (2013)

Behavioral Attributes

  • Commitment to behaving correctly and ethically
  • Concern for working within parameters
  • Readiness to make and own decisions
  • Concern for communicating clearly
  • Focus on convincing and persuading
  • Focus on initiating action
  • Remain resilient with stress and pressure
  • Concerned about aligning with best practices
  • Concern for valuing and appreciating others (diversity)
  • Commitment to maintaining business awareness
  • Preference for making contact with others (networking)

Key deliverables and outputs

Compliance Management

  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive compliance management program, inclusive

of a regulatory compliance universe and required supporting processes; compliance

management framework, procedures and processes to bring its requirements to


  • Oversee assessment of organizational risk of non-compliance to regulatory compliance
  • Ensure processes are implemented that provide assurance on compliance with legislative frameworks, organizational policies, processes and procedures.
  • Drive a compliance monitoring programme to ensure the maintenance of effective internal controls
  • Monitor existence of processes and policies to bring regulatory requirements into effect
  • Introduce periodic monitoring mechanisms, manage and report on the effectiveness of the processes and escalate matters requiring attention at business level.
  • Closure of process gaps arising from second and third line of assurance.
  • Reporting to business management and oversight structure in line with committee work plans, and as and when required.
  • Assess and mitigate ethics and compliance risk.
  • Assist auditors with the ethics and compliance internal audit requirements, respond to findings and facilitate the action required.
  • Drive a culture of continuous improvement and innovation through developing a hands-on understanding of operational and functional units needs and requirements


The list of tasks or duties and responsibilities herein is not exhaustive, and the employer is entitled to instruct the employee at any time to carry out additional duties or responsibilities, which fall reasonably within the ambit of the job profile, or in accordance with operational requirements.

1.Compliance & Investigations

  • Provide advisory services as and when required (at own initiative and in response to client needs) on areas of competence and/or expertise
  • Develop and maintain a broad network of contacts in the security and investigations fraternity to ensure standards, methods and norms in use are consistent with industry best practice.
  • With regards to sharing of information and protection of personal information [as provided in terms of Promotion of Access Information Act (“PAIA”) and Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPIA”)], to assist and work with the Information Officer in the execution of POPIA compliance in general
  • Conduct training / presentations across all levels (i.e. awareness sessions)

Conduct investigations:

  • Ensure clarity of objective and outcomes for each investigation assigned
  • Initiate investigations and present same for approval
  • Ensure investigations are conducted in line with the necessary legislative and policy frameworks (Protected Disclosures Act, Criminal Procedure Act, Labour Relations Act etc.)
  • Ensure each investigation is based on a logical, systematic and project based proposal or approval by the designated authority.
  • Conduct investigations within scope, budget and timeframes allocated or approved.
  • Collect, collate and prepare evidence including the taking of written statements
  • Maintain appropriate levels of integrity and efficacy to ensure the integrity of the investigation
  • Prepare and present evidence for internal and/or external processes (disciplinary proceedings, courts etc.)
  • Case administration (keeping of administrative records such travel and accommodation expenditure, diaries, invoices etc.)
  • Research and analysis to ensure appropriate and effective counter-measures to operational and strategic risks, threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Ensure a systematic and systemic approach to risk management
  • Uphold the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality

Case Management:

  • Write and present high quality investigation for various audiences including Executives.
  • Ensure completed staff work (CSW).
  • Maintain high levels of compliance with set turnaround times for allocated investigations and ensure effective management of client requirements and expectations in this regard.
  • Exercise and demonstrate the necessary skill, diligence and care in the execution of all tasks.

Internal customers

  • All Operations and Support Functions

External stakeholders

  • Auditors; Attorneys; Service Providers; Clients

Job Type: Full-time

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