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Job Description

Job Description

As Company Secretary at Ozow, you will be the direct and central liaison between the Company and its shareholders. You will provide guidance on governance matters to the Board and committees and the company and implement measures to ensure compliance within the applicable regulatory environment.

You will assume accountability for the drafting, evaluation, processing, and administration of new and existing intermediary contracts and related functions all within the agreed communication channels.

You will further assist with research, legal drafting, and updates concerning Company compliance in the national payment industry in South Africa and other jurisdictions of strategic interest to Ozow


You are an ideal candidate if 3 years of relevant work experience.

Advantageous qualifications

  • CIS Certification NQF Level 8
  • CIS Professional Qualification : Management and Administration,
  • The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA)
  • Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa (CSSA)
  • Master’s degree

Your roles and responsibilities Company Secretary

  • To be accountable to the company’s board.
  • To provide the directors of the company with guidance as to their duties, responsibilities, and powers.
  • To make the directors aware of any law relevant to or affecting the company.
  • To report to the company’s board any failure on the part of the company or a director to comply with the Memorandum of Incorporation or rules of the company or this Act.
  • To ensure that minutes of all shareholders meetings, board meetings, and the meetings of any committees of the directors, or of the company’s audit committee, are properly recorded in accordance with the Companies Act.
  • To certify in the company’s annual financial statements whether the company has filed required returns and notices in terms of this Act and whether all such returns and notices appear to be true, correct, and up to date.
  • To ensure that a copy of the company’s annual financial statements is sent to every person who is entitled to it in terms of the Companies Act.
  • To carry out the functions, where necessary, of a person who is responsible for the company’s compliance with the filing of the annual returns in terms of the Companies Act.
  • To ensure that the procedure for the appointment of directors is properly carried out.
  • To assist in the proper induction, orientation, ongoing training, and education of directors, including assessing the specific training needs of directors and executive management in their fiduciary and other governance responsibilities.
  • The individual directors, and the board collectively, should look to the company secretary for guidance on their responsibilities and duties and how such responsibilities and duties should be properly discharged in the best interests of the company.
  • To provide a central source of guidance and advice to the board, and within the company, on matters of good governance and of changes in legislation.
  • To have a direct channel of communication to the chairman and should be available to provide comprehensive practical support and guidance to directors, with particular emphasis on supporting the non-executive directors, the chairman of the board, and the chairman of committees and the audit committee.
  • To raise matters that may warrant the attention of the board.
  • To ensure that the proceedings of board and committee meetings are properly recorded and that minutes of meetings are circulated to the directors in a timely manner.
  • To assist the board with the yearly evaluation of the board, its individual directors, and senior management.
  • To ensure that the Company complies in all material respects with all record-keeping requirements imposed by all applicable laws and that all such records are up-to-date in all material respects.

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