Accountant - Project Accountant.Finance
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • MTN Nigeria
Job Description

Project Accounting Administration

  • Ensure that each Network Group project is accounted for in accordance with IFRS.
  • Recommend improvement to existing project accounting policies, processes and procedures to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and performance
  • Ensure that Network Group adhere to the financial policies, processes and procedures.
  • Recommend changes and modification to systems as required to ensure timeliness, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Manage and monitor the raising of requisitions for Network Group Capital projects. Ensure that the distribution on each requisition is in line with IFRS, Capex project toolkit, and Oracle Projects.
  • Submit the relevant reports of Network Group to the Senior Project and operational accountant, to consolidate for the monthly financial pack for finance consolidation.
  • Submit the relevant reports of Network Group to the relevant CPM –PM’s, GM’s and CTO.
  • Assist business in preparing capital project documentations
  • Analyse financial goals of the projects and ensure delivery of all the financial objective of the projects.
  • Ensure that internal labour per Network group project is capitalised and supporting documentation is in place.

Cost Control

(This function will have a direct reporting into the Project area and an indirect reporting line to Project Office for the whole planning cycles )

  • Assist Network Group with budget inputs and forecast reviews as requested by business finance.
  • Assist in the implementation of new Network group budgets and forecast. Ensure that all approved adjustment is reflected on the effected project budgets.
  • Control Network department budgets and ensures that the project budgets is not overspend.
  • Track Network Group budget vs. actual for CPM projects
  • Understand and report on all major variances from the Network group budgets.
  • Control and report on spend vs. forecasts to budget. Analyse cash flow for Network Group department and inform finance accordingly.
  • Ensure that Network Group comply with all business rules related to the financial cost per project (OPEX and CAPEX).
  • Control costs through the recommendation of lower cost options / more effective processes and procedures
  • Identify areas where money is lost and recommend ways to reduce expenditure where possible
  • Check invoices per project and reconcile with commitments.
  • Monitor and accrue all work schedules not yet invoiced
  • Manage all administrative tasks related to project accounting environment
  • Manage material resource planning with materials planner and logistics to ensure equipment is ordered on time

Project Accounting Query Resolution

  • Address problems relating to project accounting on a case by case basis, ensuring an optimal balance between the response to the situation, the cost of that response, and the core purpose of the organisation
  • Deal with problem situations that arise timeously and efficiently
  • Follow clear and linear procedures to diagnose and solve accounting-related problems that are not always obvious
  • Provide information and knowledge as required to resolve problems
  • Generate different options for the known problem, evaluate possible methods to resolve the problem, and select the most appropriate solution in terms of enhanced effectiveness and efficiency, and reduced cost
  • Tailor solutions to suit the problem (within defined parameters)
  • Take action to prevent the reoccurrence of problems
  • Make use of available resources to solve the problem
  • Identify external parties to assist with problem solving as required

Information Management

  • Ensure time sheets are processed for each project
  • Update progress tracking information and reports at project portfolio level
  • Provide regular information to all relevant project/programme managers
  • Ensure support documentation received is in compliance with requisition format and requirements
  • Request and submit copies of missing backup documentation
  • Maintain complete project files for the entire duration of the project. Act as point of contact for year end audit requirements


  • Conduct reporting on project accounting status and quarterly forecasts
  • Assist business finance in quarterly forecast with regards to project costs.
  • Identify and prepare relevant information and data for reporting purposes
  • Make assessments of and draw solutions from qualitative data. Make logical deductions and draw conclusions that can be motivated

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Consider the implications of actions to be taken for the customer / the effect of actions on the customer
  • Understand the immediate consequence and impact of activity on the customer
  • Report and escalate issues as and when required to the responsible person to ensure continuous Operational Support
  • Respond to customer queries in line with set guidelines
  • Escalate unresolved queries timorously
  • Ensure that customer specifications are met and that the customer is satisfied with the end service and/or product
  • Deliver first time right service excellence

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